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Sharpen your skills with music theory

Perfect your musical skills through music theory. Learning to read music is just like learning to read English! Music theory can also add to your musical abilities.

We have two levels of music theory training. The first is for children who have never had any experience with musical instruments. The second level is for those who already play one or more instruments and want to learn musical notation.

Our music syllabus and programmes

At Colours in Music Private Music School the syllabus is based on the Colourstrings method developed by The Szilvay Foundation. We also use the Kodály Method, where students are taught to understand music through singing before they can learn an instrument. Kodály’s ear training exercises and a colour-coded system of notation simplifies the process of learning to read music, giving virtually all children a very good head start and the chance of long-term success.

We offer a range of musical activities including:

  • Rhythm exercises (clapping, singing and playing)
  • Playing a variety of different music styles
  • Helping pupils to make their own music and rhythm
  • Encouraging children to use their natural creativity and talent

Also, every year, we organise three concerts to build our students’ confidence. This is an important part of our music syllabus. Through this approach, our students learn how to appreciate their fellow musicians and learn from others. The minimum time allotted for individual music classes is half an hour.

Build confidence through periodic orchestral performances

When you study at Colours in Music Private Music School, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your talent in orchestral concerts that take place three times a year. Performing in an ensemble can also improve your perception of music and help you gain knowledge of related instruments.

Our orchestral performances include playing with the famous Notting Hill orchestra and single chamber music events organised by our school in Watford. Get in touch with us now!

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